General terms and conditions:

If you have signed up for one or several of our services you thereby acknowledge and agree upon the following terms and conditions :

Signing up, membership and the termination of the membership are totally free of charge.

You are only allowed to insert our code into germanspeaking websites that do not go against applicable law or contain illegal content.

If you advertise erotic content you will have to choose the targetcategory "erotic" at the sign up.
You are responsible for the content your members advertise in your exchange.

There is no legal claim to signing up.
At any time every member has the right to cancel his membership by deleting our code from his website or from the member area.
It is not allowed to call up the html code by using any kind of programms, java-scripts or hidden frames, so that a view is counted without the html-code being seen by the surfer or a klick is counted without the surfer klicking the corresponding link. It is not allowed to immediately close the exit pop up by a script! A breach of this rules leads to the immediate cancalletion of the account. We view this as a serious offence and reserve us the right to claim compensation.

If you are using a pop or exit exchange you are not allowed to have more than two pop ups or exit ups in addition on your website you also have to declare this at the sign up.
The service finances itself by foreign and/or house advertisement that is shown in every eighth advertisement flash in the exchange ceated by the user.
We are not responsible for the content of websites that we or membersites are linked to.
We dissociate ourselfes from any content of websites linked by our systems.
If our general terms and conditions are breached we reserve ourselves the right to cancel the concerned account or to decrease the exchange ratio.
In especially serious cases we report this offence to the police.
This agreement can be teminated without notice by either of the two parties without giving any reasons.
Normal operation and/or the continuous availability cannot be guaranteed. We accept no responsibility for damage of any kind. The usage of the services hapens at the users own risk. We are not responsible for any unforeseen incidents. The user has not the right to demand any compensation.
We reserve ourselves the right to change the general terms and conditions without further notice. Every user will be notified and has to accept the changed general terms and conditions to further participate in our services. If the the user accepts the changes they become immediately effective. If the user does not accept the new general terms and conditions, he is not allowed to futher use our services.
Should a rule of the general terms and conditions be or become ineffective or should the terms and conditions be incomplete, the remaining terms and conditions remain unaffected. The ineffective rule will be replaced by a legally effective rule akin to the ineffective rule.